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Stepsiblings Attend Wild Sex Party

TabooHumorGroup Sex

Melissa Roberts (age 20) tells the story: About a week ago my younger eighteen year old brother Michael and I were sitting in the living room watching television. It was Friday evening and I normally had a date, but recently broke up with my boyfriend. Michael would also usually be out on a date with his girlfriend but she was out of town with parents visiting her grandmother. I was getting bored and decided to take a shower then play around on my computer. As I got up from the couch my brother sa… Read more

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VoyeurGroup SexMature

One evening in November, I was sitting in the living room watching TV with my mother. Dad was out with some friends. I'm 18 years old and my mom and dad are 47. We had a very open tone about sex. Now we could ask each other about anything. Mom was very interested in my sex life. She suddenly asked if we should watch a porn movie? "What," I said in surprise. "Just watch someone suck each other and maybe a little fucking," she continued. "Nothing advanced". "Okay," I replied. She put on the internet on the TV and we saw a movie with a lady about 40 years old who drank a kind of love potion and… Read more

Posted by Gorgebass 58 minutes ago 342

Wife's best friend moves in 2

TabooGroup Sex

After getting what we needed from the d**g store we headed home and Arlene decides to blow me as we drove through the center of town. Now I know there's no way that Faye would ever do something like this, and I'm really getting into being blown as we go from light to light. I hear ' go girl ' and as I look up there's a maybe 20 something red head looking down from a SUV with her middle finger going deep in her mouth as Arlene takes me to my root. Fuck I'm getting close to blowing down her throat when a set of blue and red lights start flashing in my rear view mirror. I see a closed bowling a… Read more

Posted by dmbdriver 58 minutes ago 259 100%

Weekend for Four - Threesome Thursday

Group SexHardcore

My wife Claire had a very active sex life in college. Of course, it was pretty active afterwards, but only with me, so far as I knew. Friends of hers still corresponded with her, which is to say sent (and received) sexts, pictures, and some live feeds. Sometimes I caught her online, naked or nearly so, with hands on her body, stroking her pussy, and watching someone else, not always male, doing the same for her pleasure. “Caught” isn’t quite right; I knew she could have done this while I was at work, during the week, and for all I knew she did, but she loved my walking in on her, as I did. Eve… Read more

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An Afternoon Stroll In The Park


After spending a wonderful morning with Kimmy I decided to park the car and stroll down to the park and grab a bite to eat, it had been a while since I had visited Doris and as Vikki wouldn’t be home for a few hours I felt I needed the exercise. As I approached the café I could see it was quite busy with lunchtime students from the local school and Doris did do a mean burger and chips at a reasonable price so walking in I thought I would be hard pushed to get a seat but as Doris saw me walk in she pointed up the back of the café where 3 girls were sitting at a table so had a spare seat. The g… Read more

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I found her toys stash


Hi everybody, this is a true story about what i found of my SIL. This happen a long time. I had always had a fetish about going thru woman dresser drawers to see what they like to wear underneath their clothes and see if i can find anything interesting. I never had the hot for her or had a thought about going thru her stuff. For some odd reason, i had a really strong urge to go into their room and go thru her personal. I had resist for the longest time, fighting that urge until i craved in. I was home alone that day due to it being my day off from work. I walk to their room and it was unlock.… Read more

Posted by Yojunior 1 hour ago 432

Beth puts on a show (part 4).


Beth meets Vincent..... Walking out into the cold night air, a shiver goes through me. Not just from the cold. I'm nervous.....excited too of course, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this. It's always a fine line, that tipping point between nervous reluctance and excited curiosity. I'm swayed by Simon's description of this big stranger, I can tell right away that my husband is ok with him, and I trust his judge of good character. Instinct played a big roll in our first tentative steps with robin and right now my instinct is a glowing green light for go. This feels right. Still I have that kn… Read more

Posted by Simons73 2 hours ago 144

Convincing Robin to try her first BBC

Interracial SexVoyeurFirst Time

After I finally convinced Robin to try a bbc while we were out of town where no one really knew us we decided to try a blavk nightclub near a hotel we were staying at. We were standing at the bar and struck up a conversation with a black gentleman named Ed . My wife invited Ed to dance to some nice slow enticing music that was playing and their nearness made me as horny as I had ever been. Their anxiety was no less evident! This quickly led to Ed’s hands finding themselves placed firmly against my wife’s bottom as he pulled her tightly into his groin! There was no resistance by my wife as her… Read more

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Inviting Darnell to come home

MatureInterracial SexHardcore

That morning, my loving hubby had fucked me nice and hard, before leaving to his office. As he left, I stayed for a while on the bed, but feeling still so horny. So I called my Black Master and begged him to come and fuck me, to make me his whore, to possess me like a bitch… Jamal smiled on the phone, saying I should get ready my ass for him, since he loved to fuck cheating slutty married white women in the ass… Two hours later I was still lying in my marital bed; but now my legs were bent at the knees and pulled up to my boobs, as a hard ten inches’ black cock slowly stroked my wet cunt. It… Read more

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Going to Jamal's black party

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

“Fuck me harder, honey… you can do better than that, come on!” Anita yelled at me, as I pounded her horny cunt doggy style. I knew my sexy wife was trying to make me feel better, since a while before I had witnessed her black stud Jamal fucking her over there in our own marital bed. He had shoved his huge ten inches’ black cock in Ana’s soft cunt and had made her cry in tears and plead for him to fuck her cunt even harder. He had left, after filling my sweet wife’s womb with his powerful black seed; but Anita was still horny; she wanted even more and more cock. So, I was getting sloppy se… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 3 hours ago 452 80%

Of Briefs, Speedos, and Cumshots

MasturbationGay Male

For some background, here's the first encounter of my last summer before college: https://xhamster.com/stories/of-lawns-and-terrycloth-robes-10070777 I trimmed my pubes. That's how much I wanted to make an impression on the man who had jerked me off the week before. I didn't go down to bare skin, but I had seriously given myself a buzzcut down there, and I liked it. My cock looked bigger, especially—even if it was just in my head—knowing I hadn't cum in 3 days. It was the weekend and time to cut lawns again, and make some cash in order to save for college. That was the cover story, the f… Read more

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Sally the Welder

Interracial SexHardcore

I was just finishing the weld when the whistle blew. But there were still 4 more inches to go, so I bit my lower lip and continued along the bead, knowing that it had to be absolutely perfect. People were counting on me after all. I finally finished it, and turned off the torch, lifting up my face shield and looking at it with my bare eyes. No bubbling, no carbonization, it looked perfect. I smiled and looked a second time, still perfect. “Hmmmm, that looks perfect Sally!” came the voice from over my shoulder, and I looked back at Mrs. Weller, who was leaning over my shoulder. I grinned at he… Read more

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The second visit


Angela entered the hospital and easily found the coloured line to follow to the orthopaedic ward. It was early evening so the café had closed though the tacky gift shop was still open. She did not need those kinds of gifts. Simon was in the same ward, with the same two elderly men with broken legs and an empty bed. One of the old men had an elderly woman and younger couple around his bed. The two men looked bored, the women were talking to each other. As before Simon was reading. He had not looked up when she had entered. She looked at him a moment. He looked as if he had not moved in the th… Read more

Posted by ccj29 4 hours ago 460 100%

Mom Teresa the stripteaser!


My Stepmother Teresa hadn't done much, it seemed, in quite a while, since her last experience documented in her other stories. She dressed pretty conservatively again, and all seemed quiet and placid in our lives. This peace was broken one day, however, when I was walking with Mum around the corner, past the local shops. There was a group of youths in their late teens hanging around outside the shops, and although I knew their faces from experiencing their nuisance making and petty vandalism in the area, I didn't know any more about these 18-20 years old people. They were certainly younger th… Read more

Posted by cuckoldbob 4 hours ago 500

Lockdown Vlll

Lesbian SexInterracial SexTaboo

Closing her mouth around Megan's breast, Savannah bit her nipple. Wincing in pain Megan moaned loudly. Reaching between her legs, Savannah rubbed her hand across Megan's sensitive clit area. As she arched her back sloshing sounds could be heard. Grabbing Savannahs hair, Megan pressed her mouth tighter against her breasts as the most powerful orgasm yet ripped through her body. Bucking liquid covered Savannahs hand. OH SHIT echoed off the walls. Pressing her vagina against her leg Savannah stimulated her own needs while sending Megan into overload. As her body thrashed about Megan's eyes rolled… Read more

Posted by 1120scott 4 hours ago 167

broadening your Horizons

VoyeurFirst TimeGroup Sex

You had been in the UK for a week now and we had played every night either in the woods or at a club where you enjoyed the extra attention given to you by the single men there. But tonight was about education and I was going to show you how a cuckold lives. I had met them ages ago at the club we frequent and he was a total sub to his wife, which meant she could do exactly what she wanted whenever she wanted. She had asked me to come around one night when we were at the club her husband was sat there and we ignored him as she rubbed my leg and said would I like to come to her house and fuck her… Read more

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a night out with a difference

VoyeurFirst TimeGroup Sex

We had decided to have some different fun tonight we would go out with our own friends and at the end of the night would go to the same club and act like strangers and see how the night went, we got dressed at friends houses so we had no idea what we were wearing and went out for a good night of sexy fun with our own mates. The night went well for me having a few women show interest in me through the night as we wondered from pub to pub. I looked out for her in case we bumped in to each other before the end of the night but there was no sign which I took to mean you were having fun yourself a… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 220

VoyeurTabooInterracial Sex

Later, and after much sperm had flowed into many mouths and vaginas, the ten people sat in the kitchen. There had been a large pot of coffee made, and several pies and cakes sat out, on the counter, with plates, forks, napkins, and cups for the coffee. They had taken the time, to take showers, which had led, once more, in most cases, to bigger and better things. Everybody was pointing out things they had admired about their various partners. Compliments were flowing freely, and received with smiles of gratitude. All three of the brothers had asked Joyce about how her evening had fared. All of… Read more

Posted by sandlicker 5 hours ago 112 100%

The Dominant Stranger

Gay MaleHardcoreAnal

It was a mid-July night and I was working at a dive bar in North Chicago. This place was usually busy, but most of the students were home for the summer. I was no longer a student but not quite got into the full graduate thing, thinking about what to do next. In the meanwhile, working a bar job that was popular with both students, the gay crowd looking for cheap drinks before a big night and the occasional hipster or two earned me adequate pay and tips so I could get by. I looked at my watch. Only fifteen minutes till last orders. There was only one other person in the bar - a customer who had… Read more

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My First Trucker

First TimeHardcoreMature

The very first time I ever chatted on the CB to a trucker was when we were visiting family in Missouri. Bethany Missouri to be exact. My husband wanted to go out for some drinks and play together and I readily agreed. We had been visiting my mom and family all day and needed a break. I brought my peach dress and sexy underthings that really set Mike off when he saw me in it. Well, we went to a bar and it was full of mostly redneck dirty farmers and drunks. Nothing much that interested me and the couple ladies there didn't appreciate being outclassed. All the men checked me out as we passed th… Read more

Posted by MarkHarrison1959 6 hours ago 655 83%